COFFEE: A Love Story

   Life can surely catch you by surprise. What an adventure it has been. Never in a million years would I have envisioned being in the position I am today of experiencing the privilege of making a living selling my very own brand of coffee. I absolutely love coffee! It's my greatest passion.
   Having been there every step of the way, it be impossible for me to tell you about the history of my relationship with coffee without also essentially giving you the story of my life. The two have always been intimately intertwined. It all started when I was a little girl in Finland living at my step-grandmother's house. It was there that I had that first life-altering cup. Every day, I'd wake up to the delicious scent of coffee. It was pure aromatherapy. 
   When I moved to Italy and began to really get a feel for coffee. No other country on Earth has a coffee culture quite like that of the Italians. Over the next decade, I spent my time traveling all over this famously coffee-obsessed peninsula, constantly refining my palate with every passing espresso. Despite its illustrious reputation, rest assured that not every cup I had during my time in Italy was good. Along the way, there were many bad ones too. However, fret not! Without a doubt, this was a blessing in disguise as the key to understanding great coffee is understanding poor coffee as well. I've had the best and worst of both worlds. In doing so, I've developed, little by little, a seasoned grasp of the intricacies of this wonderfully complex product. 
   Other countries that proved themselves pivotal in my growth as a coffee aficionado were Peru, Brazil and Indonesial. In Europe is where I built a solid foundational knowledge, but it wasn't until I ventured into South America that my appreciation for the sheer variety of different flavors was truly honed. 
   Now, years later, here I am in the USA, and here you are reading about me on my website, the two of us brought together by this passion we share. As my client, you can take solace in knowing that you're getting your coffee from a fellow bona fide coffee lover.  When it comes to coffee, we want the same thing, and that thing can be summed up in just one word: QUALITY!
   I know what my clients have gone through time and time again, going from one coffee shop to the next, leaving each time disappointed. To rid them of this feeling by providing them with the level of coffee they seek is my mission. Besides my hard-earned expertise, what I put into my blends is my heart and soul. To see a big smile on someone's face as they try my "Lana's Coffee" coffee makes me the happiest person in the world!
   By using a line of special one-way valve bags, my coffee will arrive directly at your doorstep in the freshest condition possible, guaranteed! The critical construction of these valves allows for gases within the bags to escape while external air is prevented from getting in. Time between roasting and packaging is therefore able to be kept to a minimum, securing that the integrity of the coffee beans not be lost in the process. This is unquestionably vital in order for the potential of coffee to be optimally unlocked.
   USDA organic, Non GMO Verified and ALWAYS FRESH! Beans come from the 13.000 tropical highlands of Indonesia. Give my coffee a try, you won't regret it!